Parent Training


Is your child excessively anxious?

Has your life has changed or even been disrupted due to excessive anxiety or OCD in your child? 

Join me for a new program, Supporting Parents of Anxious Childhood Emotions (SPACE)

What it is: 6 - 10 weekly sessions in how to change your behavior to support your anxious child*

What it's not: Lessons on how to command or cajole your child to stop being anxious, or needing to force your child to change their behavior. 

Cost: $110 including tax each session, which covers up to four parents or caregivers for a child. 

Unfortunately - insurance does not cover parent training. I wish it did! However, if your child has a diagnosed disorder for which they are currently being treated, insurance may cover part of it. Contact me for details. 

Contact:  The Albuquerque Anxiety Center
@Pilgrim Behavioral Health call/text 505.501.8293

*Number of sessions may vary. This is an expected number based on a typical situation, and may not represent all clients. 

Call or text the number below to get started.