Are you taking care of you?

You've taken care of your family, your community, your country.
Yet somehow, your life isn't as you imagined it would be. Your life is interrupted with obsessive thinking, worries and doubts, and compulsive behaviors. No matter what you do to make them go away, they return, intruding on the life you’re trying to live. 

But…Imagine feeling good about the life you live, and the effort and sacrifice you've given for others. Let's work together to make your stressed life your best life, in person, or by telehealth.  Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone. 

I treat the person, not the diagnosis. I do this with the best evidence-based practices to help you learn to manage your symptoms. Your time is valuable, so my goal is teach you to be your own therapist. All it takes is time and commitment, something that's already second nature to you. 

My mission is to provide quality, evidence-based methods to help you learn to live your best life, especially those listed as 'strongly recommended' by the American Psychological Association. I don’t go with the latest trend. I care about you, and so I use what works. 

Life doesn't have to be this hard.  Click on topics at the top of this page to learn more about what I treat. 

call or text (HIPAA compliant): 505-501-8293. Licensed in the NM and HI.